Outside Evaluations

Parents have the right to obtain a privately funded evaluation at any time. Upon receipt of any complete independent evaluation report for a child already deemed eligible for special education services, the Team will reconvene to consider those results (within 10 school days) and whether any revisions should occur for the child’s IEP or placement.   Should the child be a regular education student, the teacher and principal will confer with the parent to ascertain the parents’ intention and expectations of sharing the IEE with the teacher/Georgetown Public Schools, and determine next steps and whether an IDEA eligibility evaluation is needed at this time.

All efforts will be made to avoid duplication of assessments. If a decision is made to waive any assessment as a result of the outside evaluation, the Director of Student Services will get written parental consent in order to do so. It is important to note that any time that Georgetown Public Schools waives its right to assessment, the district is then in a position of accepting the recommendations made by the outside evaluator.  The preference is to look at the recommendations of its’ internal experts.