A Shining Success

Once again, the Georgetown SEPAC put together an amazing event.  This time, it was the Shining Star Awards Ceremony, which took place on June 3, 2021.  Every year, I wonder how this amazing group of parents will outdo themselves, and this year it was through the theme of the Amazing Race.  The decorations were just incredible, and the snacks truly took the cake.  Bundt cake, that is!  My favorite addition to the program this year was that many students presented the awards to the Shining Stars.  Tear jerking, to say the least.  17 individuals received awards, and the audience was by far the biggest I have seen.  And for the first time, a student was honored for his work in the mentoring program!

The following individuals were honored this year.  Each was a fine choice, maybe with the exception of one….

Jennifer Rowell

Desiree Edwards

Meghan Kelley

Stacey Lemay

Anne Maciel

Monica McGinnis

Gaju Muhigi

Karen Sarge

Kim Reale

Rebecca Goss

Christine Brown

Iain Kantorski

Kristin Kennedy

Veronica Schaeffer

Cassie Murray

Pamela Lundquist

Jack Tiano 🙂