Grade 6 Supply List

Due to ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, students will not be able to share supplies with their classmates. Therefore, we are asking all students to come to school with the following supplies. These supplies will be kept in a labeled bag and will travel with your child from class to class. 



-Glue stick


-Colored pencils 

-Eraser caps

Supplies that your child will need for their classes: 

One: 1-½” binder (ELA)

One: 2” binder (math)

One: ½ inch binder or 1 inch binder (for science)

Loose leaf paper (for all subjects)

Two packages of tab dividers (math, ELA)

Marble composition notebook (ELA)

Four: Two-pocket folders (science, ELA, geography, homework)

Hole puncher to go into binder (science)

If you are able to provide these items to your child’s homeroom teacher, they would be greatly appreciated: 

2 containers of Lysol wipes

2 boxes of tissues

2 bottles of hand sanitizer