Box Tops for Education

Did you know there is free money ($) for our schools through Box Tops for Education. We all go grocery shopping every week, sometimes multiple times. Well, there are Box Top coupons printed on products we use everyday! They are worth 10 cents each and they add up
fast! Attached you can find a list of grocery items that have Box Tops on the packaging. For the month of November, we are kicking off our winter competition for the most Box Tops received by a classroom. The winning classroom will receive an ice cream sundae party! Also attached is a collections sheet. Please use this to glue your Box Tops on or send them in a Ziploc bag with 50 Box Tops.Start clipping and make sure your child’s teacher’s name is on the submission form or Ziploc bag so they get credit. We really appreciate your help in getting this free money for our schools. Any questions, don’t hesitate to email me

Thank you very much!
Cindy Sun ( Grace’s mom) Box Top Coordinator

Box Tops Products
Box Tops Collection Sheet