Summer Math Fun

Keep  your math skills sharp this summer! Visit Mr. Crossman’s  Summer Math 2020 website!

Get ready to discover mathematics all around you this summer! Just like reading, regular practice over the summer with problem-solving, computation, and math facts will maintain and strengthen the mathematical gains you made over the school year. We have developed diverse and creative mathematics activities for families and children to do together in a calendar format. The goal is for students to have fun with math.

The links included below will take you to two calendar pages for each grade, one for page July and one page for August, as well as directions for math games to be played at home. Each month’s activities are organized into “Math Days.” You can choose which activities you’d like to complete on which day. We encourage your child to complete at least 20 math days each month.

There is no requirement to return the calendar or any finished math tasks to school in the fall. However, we welcome you and your child to share any of your math activities through photos or drawings. If you complete any of the work, you can return it to school on the first day to Mr. Crossman.  We also welcome any feedback you have on these shared math experiences.

Have a great summer vacation!