Congratulations to our DECA Students!

I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our 49 DECA students in their recent virtual District competition where they competed alongside 1000 other students in our District area! Our DECA year is anything but “normal” and the students did amazing. They completed their test at home, by themself, and many of them had never even competed before in this type of competition. In addition to taking a virtual test they all completed a virtual role play where they had 3 hours to view the situation, prep their response, record and upload their response to the testing portal. After analyzing our results we had 5 members score 1st place on their test and 4 members score 1st place on their role plays in their respective categories. This is amazing!!!
Congratulations to all of our Business teachers who have contributed to our students success in delivering the curriculum to our students during this challenging year and in years past!
All 49 students desire recognition for their efforts.
Below are a list of all students who competed and those they are advancing onto our state competition are noted.
Thank you for reading!
AAM: Apparel & Accessories Marketing Series (out of 17)
     1020008 Lindsey D’entremont ***7th place
     1020026 Alexis Murphy
     1020034 Elle Schneider ***3rd place
ACT: Accounting Applications Series (out of 4)
     1020036 Garrett Sedgwick ***1st place, 1st place test, 1st place role play
BSM: Business Services Marketing (out of 10)
     1020009 Gianna Gaeta ***4th place
     1020025 Marley Morrison ***6th place
ENT: Entrepreneurship Series (out of 22)
     1020006 Ainsley Corriveau ***4th place
     1020033 Peter Scangas ***7th place
     1020044 Dylan Van Galen
FMS: Food Marketing Series (out of 15)
     1020003 Mason Behl
     1020004 Bridget Cannata ***4th place, 1st place on test
     1020037 Maddie Sindoni ***7th place
     1020048 Taylor Wight ***5th place
HLM: Hotel and Lodging Management (out of 19)
     1020022 Aidan Maguire ***2nd place
     1020024 Brighton Mitchell ***1st place, 1st place role play
     1020040 Taylor Steeves
     1020046 Carena Ziolkowski
MCS: Marketing Communications Series (out of 13)
     1020038 Riley Smith ***6th place
PBM: Principles of Business Management and Administration (out of 17)
     1020010 Kayla Gibbs ***5th place
     1020012 Jake Gilstein
     1020014 Olivia Hiltz
     1020017 Tyler Kyle ***7th place
     1020027 Alex Nakatsugawa
     1020045 Cole Zadina ***4th place, 1st place on test
PFN: Principles of Finance (out of 10)
     1020002 Lauren Bartlett ***4th place
     1020011 Tyler Gilmore
     1020018 Jackson Lasquade ***6th place
     1020030 Addison Olson ***3rd place, 1st place on test
     1020032 Andrew Sadler ***5th place
     1020039 Abby Stauss
PHT: Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
     1020023 Maddison Micale
     1020029 Ruby Nisenbaum
     1020035 Lyla Schneider
     1020049 Mary Surette
PMK: Principles of Marketing (out of 20)
     1020005 Lily Caplin
     1020013 Jason Gioia
     1020016 Leah Hyman
     1020019 Alexander Lebedev
     1020047 Megan Skahan ***3rd place, 1st place role play
     1020043 Virginia Thibeault
QSRM: Quick Service Restaurant Management
     1020050 Mackenzie Sanderson
RFSM: Restaurant and Food Service Management (out of 13)
     1020015 Ava Hughes
     1020028 Olivia Nisenbaum ***5th place
     1020042 Evan Swanton
RMS: Retail Merchandising (out of 6)
     1020021 Julia Mabius ***3rd place, 1st play on role play with a score of 99/100!
     1020041 Emily Swanton
SEM: Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series (out of 17)
     1020007 Logan Corriveau ***3rd place
     1020020 Meghan Loewen
     1020031 Cameron Rooney ***2nd place, 1st place on test

Liz Marchetti

Technology Integration Specialist
Business and Technology Department
Georgetown Middle High School
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