Class of 2021 Scholarship Packet and Info

In case you missed the scholarship today, attached is a copy of the packet.

Printed copies are available in the guidance office as well.


Please read through the packet and let me know if you have any questions.


Key points:

  • Pay attention to all the deadlines
  • Section 1:

o   To be considered for any of the scholarships in section 1 – fill out the last page of the packet (Common Scholarship Application – due May 3rd)

  • Fill it out 1 time and return it to me, either drop it off in guidance or email it to me


  • Section 2:

o   Each scholarship has its own application – read the description to see if it applies to you

  • See me in guidance to pick up any applications or email me for copies
  • Baker Adams scholarship is online – link is in the packet (deadline April 30th)
  • They award many scholarships each year to graduates

o   Pay attention to the deadline dates and how the application is returned (emailed, mailed, returned to me)

o   Transcript (if needed) – contact me and I’ll give it to you

o   Letters of Recommendation (if needed) – if you want a teacher letter that was sent to a college, have the teacher email me it’s okay for me to give it to you

o   Student ID # – some scholarships are anonymous. The number is on your school ID card. Ask me if you don’t know the number


  • Section 3:

o   List of organizations who choose their own recipients. No application needed.


I will be working over vacation week if you want any applications (Tuesday – Thursday; possibly Friday too).


Please reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or applications.

Mrs. Kelley ( )