Big Event Happening at Youth Center on July 12th

I can’t wait until you see the new Georgetown Youth Community Center on the second floor a the Perley School. Thanks to the generosity of this community, the center is really coming together. The GYCC Committee has planned three summer events for students in grades 6-9 where they can come and check out the center, hangout with friends. play games and eat some yummy snacks.

One of the big items we are trying to secure is a pool table. I have been watching the Marketplace for a table that might be purchased for a reasonable cost and/or donated to the center. I mention this just in case anyone has a pool table or knows anyone who might have one. We have a way to pick it up so if you have any information or leads about this, please contact Mike Anderson or Carol Jacobs at  We would love your help!

Speaking of help, many people have asked me how they can help. The first helpful thing you can do is help the GYCC Committee promote these events. We are sure once the kids see the space and spend time there that they will want to make this space a second home however we have to get them here first. We would appreciate it if could encourage your kids and their friends to come to the first event that will be held on  Friday July 12th from 6-9 PM  for kids who are going into grades 6-9. Follow the GYCC page on Facebook for the details of the evening. Students are helping to plan this event and I have heard rumors about a DJ, cool food, arts, games and glow in the dark shenanigans.  Should be a great time so please help with the promotion.

Another way you can help is to make a donation to help get some programs and staff paid for in the fall while the GYCC Committee tries to get some more permanent funding for the center.  Thanks to the PTA who is able to act as a fiscal sponsor for a few months, donations can be made and dedicated to the GYCC and they are tax-deductible.  The Committee is about to launch a plan to seek corporate and/or business donations so if interested in getting more information about this contact Erin Duggan. We are so grateful to the PTA for making this possible because every little bit of funding helps and we do need some money to get the center up and running In the fall. Along with cash donations , the Committee is also looking for small gift cards to grocery stores, BJs or Costco or Walmart so they can provide snacks at no cost and purchase small supplies for the programs that the kids would like to try. Checks can be made out to the Georgetown PTA and earmarked for  the GYCC.

I also want to give a huge shout out to our local Kiwanis Club for their generous donation of  tile flooring for two rooms in the center (the creativity space and the game room).  These spaces were in serious need of replacing the carpet and they approved $2000 which will cover the cost of providing tiles for both rooms. This group has always been very committed to this community and, in particular, they have been great partners to the kids and the senior citizens.  They do many things behind the scenes and never ask for anything in return so I want to be sure to thank them publicly on behalf of the GYCC Committee and all of the youth who will enjoy this space. THANK YOU!

I am so inspired by the dedication of the GYCC Committee members and all of the other people who have donated time and resources to make this great venture happen. Please follow their progress on Facebook and if you are interested in helping with programming, marketing and communication and/or budget and finance, contact Erin Duggan at