Meet The New SEPAC Board!

Dear Members of the Georgetown Community,

I am so excited to report that we have had a wonderful start to the FY20 school year.  Our students came back to their schools ready to learn with smiles on their faces, and our teachers are well prepared to engage them in a productive and sensitive way.  There is no doubt that this school year will be another successful one.

I had the privilege of officially meeting with the new SEPAC board this AM (September 24th).  They are:

Joanie Desilets

Krissy Berg

Carole DeLuca

Jenn Harrell

Jessica Vasilenko

They were so prepared with their agenda, focusing on the questions and concerns that membership has had to begin the year.  My biggest takeaway from this meeting is that they want all parents to feel comfortable reaching out to them, and that they will bring questions and concerns to me in such a way that we can collaboratively work to develop equitable solutions.  I very much look forward to this continued relationship, as we strive to do what’s best for our students.

As part of this meeting, I was provided with a new SEPAC Welcome Packet.  I have distributed this to Katelin Kennedy and Kris Oldoni at our schools, and posted it under the SEPAC section of this web page.  All parents should have easy access to the document.

I will be at Flatbreads tomorrow night for the first open meeting of the year for the SEPAC.  I plan to spend time with the membership, briefly talk about plans for the year, and answer any questions you many have concerning student services.  This will also be an opportunity to meet the new board.  This will be followed by a closed session parent support group.  I encourage all to attend.

I again want to extend the invitation to anyone who would like to meet with me.  I have an open door policy.  I also love when people pop into my office just to say a quick “Hi”.  I am looking forward to my work this year, and continuing the positive relationships with my Georgetown family.  I also wish all of you the best for the year ahead.

Sincerely & Respectfully,


Jack Tiano

Director of Student Services