Independent Educational Evaluations

Georgetown Public Schools Guidelines for Independent Educational Evaluation

The special education evaluation process requires the Georgetown Public Schools to assess the student in all areas related to the suspected disability as well as conducting a comprehensive educational assessment. Parents have an opportunity to request publicly funded independent educational evaluations (IEEs) of their child if they disagree with the results of an evaluation by the school Georgetown Public Schools.

If the parent requests an IEE at public expense, the Georgetown Public Schools will fund Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) according to the following guidelines:

  1. The person conducting the independent evaluation must be qualified and registered, certified, or licensed to perform that particular type of assessment. No interns will be accepted.
  2. An Independent Educational Evaluator must agree to abide by the rates set by the state agency responsible for setting such rates. The Georgetown Public Schools will not engage in “cost-share” arrangements with private evaluators, as a publicly funded IEE must not exceed state pricing; parents cannot be ‘balance billed’ for any difference between the public rate and their private rate. (Unique circumstances of the child may be considered to determine if rates higher than state pricing will be allowed.)
  3. The IEE, whenever possible, is to be completed with 30 days with a complete written evaluation report sent to the Georgetown Public Schools; (conference overviews or brief summaries of key points are not acceptable).
  4. The IEE report identifies all procedures and assessments used. The report includes a “test data page” that includes the actual scores on every subtest administered as an attachment to the full report. The report will analyze and synthesize results and formulate diagnostic impressions, using clear language for parents. The reports will also include individualized, educationally relevant recommendations for meeting the identified needs of the student. Report templates that include an exhaustive list of recommendations for a specific type of disability is not acceptable, the parent and Georgetown Public Schools are looking for recommendations unique to this specific child that is based on the data. The IEE may recommend types of programs/placements but may not recommend specific classes or schools.
  5. A parent may request an IEE when s/he disagrees with an initial or re-evaluation conducted by the Georgetown Public Schools; this request should be made in writing within 16 months of the evaluation in dispute.
  6. Upon receipt of a written request to conduct an IEE, the Georgetown Public Schools will forward a letter to the parent informing them of their rights to have an IEE conducted at Georgetown Public Schools expense and to inform them of the sliding scale fee program.
  7. Should a parent choose not to submit financial information the Georgetown Public Schools will inform the parent in writing that either an IEE will be funded or that the Georgetown Public Schools feels its evaluations were sufficiently comprehensive, therefore will immediately refer the matter to the BSEA for review. (This decision is made within 5 days.)
  8. Upon receipt of the written IEE, the Georgetown Public Schools reconvenes the team to consider its results and impact upon current IEP/placement, and/or to reconsider Eligibility Determination, within 10 school days. If a parent requests a delay beyond 10 school days in order to accommodate his/her or another interested party’s schedule, the Georgetown Public Schools will document such request and work with the parents to arrive at a mutually agreeable date/time.
  9. If a parent requests an IEE more than 16 months after the Georgetown Public Schools evaluated the student, the Georgetown Public Schools will seek consent from the parent to conduct its own updated assessments and evaluation of the student. Should the parent disagree with the re-evaluation results, s/he may request an IEE at that time.
  10. If a parent requests an IEE in an area not previously assessed by the Georgetown Public Schools, the District will either offer to conduct the additional assessments with parental consent or agree to fund an IEE in this new suspected area of need.