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Speak Up! is an important tool on the Georgetown Public Schools website, designed to foster better, more efficient communication between you and the district.  If you have a question regarding the website, Speak Up!  If you have a question about a policy or a procedure in a school, Speak Up!  If you want to know how to become more involved in your child’s education, Speak Up!

As you can see, this new tool can be used for a variety of purposes.  We want to hear how we’re doing.  We want to know when we have achieved your satisfaction, and if we might have missed the mark.  Conversations like this can sometimes be hard, but we simply can’t fix something if we don’t know that it is wrong.

On the form below, there are fields for your name and contact information, or you may submit your comments anonymously.  While we prefer knowing who you are so that we can address your concerns or point you in the right direction, we recognize that sometimes you might not want to leave your name.  If that’s the case, consider this our online suggestion box.  Know that your comments or concerns will be reviewed, but that we will not be able to respond to you individually.  If you do leave your contact information, we’ll be in touch just as soon as possible!

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