Security Updates

UPDATE – July 26, 2018 

The new walls at the Middle High School are up and being primed and painted. The window to the main office are almost complete. Great job by our staff!


The maintenance staff is underway with the security updates to the buildings.



Please check out the project timeline of the security upgrades coming to the district.



UPDATE – April 25, 2018

To ensure the safety of all the students and staff we have taking the time over the April vacation to have a certified design plan drafted. If funds are approved at the May 7th town meeting supplies will be ordered and construction will follow promptly. To view the plan follow this link.



  • Architectural design plans for the security walls at the Middle High School
  • Two security walls with triple security doors to maintain exit flow at the Middle High School.
  • Two sliding windows with hurricane glass for the office at the Middle High School and the Perley School
  • Three sets of key scan door buzzing/fob entry systems; one for the Middle High School and two for the Perley School
  • Miscellaneous supplies; sheetrock, wood trim, plaster, paint, etc.
  • 40-inch monitor for the police department to view security cameras at all schools
  • Two desktop computers for viewing and downloading security cameras
  • Infource 911 notification and communication tool to be used district wide
  • A lobby guard system for all three schools
  • Open door sensors for all exterior doors at the Middle High School and the Perley School
  • Nightlock Lockdown for all classrooms in all three schools
  • Lock down door release module for all hallway doors


Use this link to view the Security Measures Memo, March 2018.



Lobby guard system we are considering purchasing



Night Lock, we are trying to get one for every classroom.

Lockdown Door Barricade Devices


Door monitor software

Door Monitoring


Inforce 911 is a notification, real-time communication that works with students, staff, and law enforcement.