Penn Brook Handbook

Nut/Peanut-Prohibited Policy

The Penn Brook School cafeteria will not produce or serve foods made with peanuts/nuts. In the cafeteria, there will be nut/peanut-prohibited tables for all kindergarten students and students in Grades 1-6 with nut/peanut allergies. All kindergarten classrooms will be nut/peanut prohibited classrooms and no foods should be brought to school for snack, lunch, or for any other occasion that contain nuts/peanuts or are manufactured on equipment shared with nuts/peanuts. In Grades 1-6, nut/peanut products will be allowed, unless there is a student in the classroom who has a life-threatening allergy to nuts/peanuts. In this case, no food should be brought into the classroom that contains nuts/peanuts or are manufactured on equipment shared with nuts/peanuts. A letter from the classroom teacher will go home if nut/peanut products are prohibited in the classroom.

Birthday Celebrations: Please be aware of these changes to the Penn Brook Handbook regarding birthday celebrations in school. If you have questions, please contact Director of Food Services, Heather Torrey at 978-352-5777.


Birthday Celebrations

Parents who wish to celebrate their child’s birthday with food must adhere to the following requirements:


  • The foods listed on the Food Service website may be purchased and brought in to the school.
  • Homemade foods are not permitted for distribution at class room celebrations for reasons of food safety and allergen safety.
  • Nut-safe items that are not on the list provided are not permitted because the nutritional content of those foods may not be in compliance with federal and state nutrition mandates.

Birthday invitations distributed in school must include one for every student in the classroom. The delivery of balloons, flowers, or party favors for students is prohibited.