Health and Wellness Advisory Committee, March 12, 2017 minutes

Health and Wellness Advisory Committee 

Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2017



Donna Donahue

Pamela Lundquist

Kathy Hatch

Jolene St. Pierre

Mary Beth Doherty

Dennis Floyd

Stacy Floyd

Hope Doran

Hope Davenport


–The Floyds introduced their Cross Fit business in Georgetown; will participate in Wellness Fair; demonstrations; will need corner space

–distributed current list of 20 participants for Wellness Fair, April 1, 2017 from 8 – 11

–Publicity point person: Hope Doran

Will look into electronic sign; will have Margaret send out blurb

to Penn Brook parents;

MBDoherty will email MS/HS staff; Morning announcements for
MS/HS to continue until 3/31

Health office interns to post signs around school

Georgetown Record?

Pam will have poster for day of fair

Post flyer in town library

–Stacy Floyd offered to help set up on Friday, March 31

–Donna Donahoe has contacted Mike about tables

–Kathy Hatch has secured building use permit

–continue to recruit participants to fair

Next meeting date: Wednesday, 4/26/17 at Penn Brook