Health and Wellness Advisory Committee, January 12, 2017 minutes

Health and Wellness Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 12, 2016




Donna Donahoe

Pamela Lundquist

Heather Torrey

Jolene St. Pierre

Mary Beth Doherty

Monica McGinnis

Officer Henry Olshefsky


Discussed staff appreciation ideas

  Survey or email staff to assess needs/wants

 Ideas:  chair massages/”blessing box”/Lunch and learn

 PTO collaboration/local restauraunts?


Health and Wellness Fair

  Date still pending;

 Discussed potential vendors:  EMS/BeachBody/Police use of OUI     

 simulation mask


DARE discussion/update from SRO

  Discussed cost of opiate ($80/pill) versus heroin ($5)

  Need for updated, effective programming for drug awareness

  Mock crash demo/creating an app

  SRO will speak to MS about proper use of social media in      



–Additional discussion re: SBIRT and Attitude and Behavior

  Survey next fall


–Next meeting date 3/1/17