Health and Wellness Advisory Committee

Who We Are:
The Georgetown Health and Wellness Advisory Committee (GHWAC) is a collaborative group of representatives made up of school administrators, food service professionals, health professionals, physical education professionals, teachers, parents, students and other interested community members that work together with the School Committee and District Wellness Coordinator to review, monitor, develop, implement, and update school wellness, nutrition and physical activity policies, including the Georgetown School District Health and Wellness Policy & Action Plan.

What we do:
The mission of the Georgetown Health and Wellness Advisory Committee (GHWAC) is to promote life-long wellness of Georgetown students and school employees by supporting a healthy learning environment. Our goal is to provide constructive feedback and input to the District Wellness Coordinator to support this foundation of healthy living. All Committee efforts align with the district wellness policy and strategic goals as approved by the Georgetown School Committee. The GHWAC advises the Georgetown School District in developing nutritional guidelines, wellness goals and initiatives that reflect the CDC Healthy Youth Coordinated School Health Model which consists of eight health components representing 1) comprehensive health education, 2) physical education, 3) school health services, 4) school counseling, 5) nutrition services 6) healthy school environment, 7) school site health promotion for staff, and 8) family and community involvement in school health.

Below, you will find documents, including the meeting minutes of the Health and Wellness Advisory Committee

December 1, 2016 minutes

January 12, 2017 minutes

March 8, 2017 minutes