Thank you to the GMHS Acceptance Committee for putting on two performances of Terezin, Children of the Holocaust.

The play depicts two days in a cell at Terezin or Theresienstadt, a concentration camp outside of Prague that imprisoned many European Jews, including over 15,000 children. It is the story of six of these children, and chronicles the last two days of their lives before being deported to their deaths at Auschwitz. While the play suggests the grim reality of what lies ahead, it is also a portrait of the hope that children naturally possess, and how these particular children achieved a triumph of spirit through their personal relationships and their artwork. It is hoped that by viewing and discussing this play, our students will increase their appreciation for diversity and acceptance of all in our school. A special “shout-out” to GHS’s own Katie Lowell who played one of the lead roles! We would also like to thank the PTA for sponsoring these performances through a generous donation.