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January 19, 2022


METG Drama Competition Audition




MCAS Dates- Please mark your calendars

  • Grade 7 and 8
    • ELA Session 1 April 12
    • ELA Session 1 April 13
  • Grades 7 and 8
    • Math Session 1 May 10
    • Math Session 2 May 11
  • Grade 8
    • STE Session 1 May 19
    • STE Session 2 May 20





Whittier Interviews

  • Interviews will take place on January 31st at GMHS for students that have applied.






  • There will be an open gym for students interested in improving their conditioning skills for the spring season on Sunday mornings from 9 to 11 in the small gym beginning on January 9 and lasting until the beginning of the spring sports season.  This is open to High School Students as well as seventh and eighth graders.Contact Information- Head Softball Coach Jay Santinassino




Parents/Guardians of Seniors-Graduation Priority Seating Raffle

Buy tickets by April 18, 2022 for a chance to guarantee your family priority seating at the graduation ceremony! One winning ticket will be chosen on April 20, 2022 All proceeds will be used for senior celebration activities for Class of 2022 being coordinated by the Senior Celebration Committee Please see attached flyer. Tickets must be purchased by April 18, 2022.





Parents of Seniors

  • Our second biggest fundraiser for the yearbook, Recognition Ads, is underway. Recognition Ads, also called Parent Messages, are personal messages of support, love or encouragement to your favorite student in the Class of 2022. Please see the attached document for more information.

ONLINE DEADLINE: February 10th

Parent Messages Link:

If you have any questions contact Martha Dodge at

Have the yearbook staff create your ad!

Fill out, and submit photos using this Google Form, GOOGLE FORM TO YEARBOOK STAFF DEADLINE: February 28th



MS Yearbook.

  • This is the last call for yearbook submissions for the for the following categories:

    2021 (this school year) FALL SPORTS ( candid pictures taken from games or practices)

    2021 December BAND CONCERT

    2021 December CHORUS CONCERT

    GRADE 8 STUDENT BABY PICTURES ( please remember to LABEL the picture you upload with your child’s name)

    The last date to submit for these categories will be Friday, January 21st.

    Please click on the link and follow the directions.  Unfortunately, you will not get confirmation that your picture was uploaded.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. O’Leary or Ms. DiFruscio.

    When you’re ready to upload your photos, select the appropriate folder, or click New folder and create a new folder for your photos. Then click the Upload button and follow the instructions to complete your upload. You will have an opportunity to add information about your photos. When you are finished, click the X to close the dialog. You can then close this window or tab.

    Note that while you can use a mobile device, a larger screen will make this process easier. We recommend that you use a larger screen – computer, laptop or tablet – to upload your photos.





Community Service


The 40 hour community service graduation requirement has been reduced to 25 hours for the class of 2022.  Please see Mrs. Colten in Guidance for suggestions for volunteer opportunities.











NHS Tutoring

  • NHS tutoring is up and running! If a student needs tutoring in any subject please email with the course they need tutoring in as well as the days and times that work best! Our tutoring coordinators will set them up with an NHS student that is the best fit! If you have any additional questions please email Catherine Rossi (




Club information 

  • High School Yearbook meetings are Tuesdays at 2:20 in room 1240. New members are welcome, especially photographers.
  • Chess Club meets weekly on Tuesdays from 2:20-3:00 in Room 3210.
  • GSA The Gender Sexuality Alliance meets every Wednesday at 2:30 in Mr. Cloak’s room. All are welcome!
  • Arabic /Middle Eastern/Culture Club will be meeting after school every Thursday in Mr. K’s room 1320
  • Model UN club meets in Mrs. Schwarzkopf’s room (2271) every Wednesday morning at 7AM. 
  • MS Yearbook Meetings will be held on Tuesdays during lunch in Room 3080.





  • We are excited to kick off 2022 with another comprehensive program book, as well as launching an updated website.If you have any ideas, or would like to be more involved, please let us know!
  • SAVE THE DATE: February 15th @ GYCC for next Community Coalition Meeting.

2022 Winter GYCC Programming


Check out the updated website





SEPAC News & events

Monday 1/24– IEP presentation given by Director of Student Services- Jack Tiano. Followed by open meeting/parent support

6pm at the Penn Brook School Library

Monday 2/28- Cognitive Connections: Executive Functioning Presentation given by Sarah Ward M.S., CCC/SLP

Via Zoom more information to come

January Awareness

National Mentoring Month

January 4th World Braille Day

January 24th Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day




The Homework Club 

  • Homework club is up and running! Any student from the Middle or High School who needs a place to do homework or get help with homework is very welcome to attend.Homework Club is taking place on the third floor in Rm 3250 from 2:15pm to 3:15pm, Monday to Thursday.



Class of 2025-Dues

  • Freshman class dues are $35. Please make the check payable to the Town of Georgetown, and give it to Ms. Maguire-Stirk or one of the class officers.

Class of 2024- Dues

  • Sophomore class dues are $40. Please make the check payable to the Town of Georgetown, and give it to Ms. Rossi, Ms. Sanderson  or one of the class officers.


 Class of 2023-Dues

  • Junior class dues are $45. Please make the check payable to Town of Georgetown, and give to Mrs. Matthews or one of the officers Please note that class dues need to be paid for each year the student has attended GHS. If you need to check if your child’s dues are paid for prior years, please contact Mrs. Matthews

Class of 2022-Dues

  • Senior class dues are $45. Please make the check payable to Town of Georgetown, and give to Mrs. Schwarzkopf or one of the officers Please note that class dues need to be paid for each year the student has attended GHS. If you need to check if your child’s dues are paid for prior years, please contact Mrs. Schwarzkopf



  • Registration Forms:  If you have not done so, please fill out a Registration Form for your child(ren) and return it to the Main Office.  A Registration Form is attached.
  • Handbook Sign off Sheets:  All students are required to read the High School Handbook located on the Georgetown Middle High School website and sign the Handbook sign-off form located on the back of the handbook.  Parents must sign the form as well. Please have your child drop off the form at the Main Office.
  • Attendance:  Attendance is taken for each class. Please be sure to be present for every period of the day. Teachers will be keeping track of students’ attendance and submitting to the main office. If you will not be attending school because you are sick or unable, your parents/caregivers will need to call the school each day, 978-352-5790.




Message from the Nurse:

PHYSICALS: All 7th and 10th graders are required to submit an updated physical.  Students in other grades are encouraged to submit updated physicals as well.

MEDICATION:  Please contact the nurse to schedule medication drop off with completed Dr’s orders forms including Inhalers, Epi Pens and any other medications. Forms can be found on the district website.

TRAVEL:  If you have plans to travel out of state please reach out to me for return to school plan and updated state requirements.

QUESTIONS:  Any Medical Questions- please contact the school nurse Heather Shupenko  (978)352-5790 x 2






  • Parents and caregivers must wear a mask before entering the building and are asked to leave the item(s) in a cart located outside the main office window. Please make sure all items are clearly labeled with your student’s name. The main office secretary will notify the student to pick-up their belongings.  Please note that an all-call is made throughout the school at 10:42 a.m. and the students will pick up their item.  We do not interrupt classes for individual students.



  • The reasons for excusing dismissals will follow the same guidelines that are set forth for absences.  Any student who is going to be dismissed must turn in a note to the office the morning of the dismissal or can be emailed to   The note must be signed by a parent/guardian, and must state the time and the specific reason for the dismissal.  Any dismissals that do not meet the guidelines that are set forth by the state regulations will result in an unexcused absence.  Dismissals via a phone call can only be accepted for emergency situations.  All dismissals due to illness must go through the school nurse.
  • Any student who gets dismissed before 11:00 a.m. and does not return to school will be counted as absent, and will not be eligible for that day’s co-curricular events.  In addition, dismissals that do not meet the criteria for excused absences will not be excused, resulting in the loss of participation in co-curricular events for that day.  Any dismissals due to illness also preclude the student’s participation in co-curricular activities.


Schoology- Schoology is the GMHS learning management system (LMS). Schoology is where you can go to access announcements from teachers, assignments, and assessments. The tech team will be working with different groups of students over the next few weeks to train and coach them with Schoology.


Tech Tips and Common Tech Questions:

  1. Your Schoology username is your school email address.

  2. You can reset your own Schoology password at any time by going to and click the forgot password. Follow the instructions to reset it using your School email address.

  3. Your classes are preloaded for you in Schoology. You do not need any access codes to see them. If they are not, please reach out to Ms. Marchett or Mrs. Schwarzkopf to assist you.

  4. If you change your schedule for any reason, Schoology will reflect your schedule changes the next school day automatically.

  5. Schoology parent access is coming in the next week or so. Stay tuned for more information regarding parental access.

  6. The Zoom links for your classes will also be posted in your Schoology course page.

  7. Please see the training videos posted on the Principal’s Blog and the GMHS website for more information on Schoology, Portal, and Google.

  8. If downloading an app from self service and you get a pinwheel try again later. It means we are out of licenses for the app and need to reload. We are aware when this happens so you do not have to tell us.

  9. If you are bringing your own device from home and would like to purchase self service please go here to do so. Once you have paid for self service please email Mr. Swaim at to arrange for the installation.


If you assistance with Schoology or other tech related concerns, please reach out to Ms. Pacheco at  or Mrs. Schwarzkopf at


StudentPlus and ParentPlus

ParentPlus and StudentPlus are GMHS’s online student information systems.  Student

schedules and grades are posted to your student’s private account.  Families who do not have internet access

should call the Main Office at (978) 352-5790 to make arrangements to pick up

student reports.  ParentPlus and StudentPlus Portal can be accessed

through the GMHS website at  Select the “Schools” menu and then “Georgetown Middle/High School”, on the left hand side of the page under “Quick Links” is the

“Student/Parent Portal”.

If any student needs assistance with their school email or accessing the portal, please contact

see Mr. Swaim in the library

If any student or parent needs a password reset- please contact Alysha Morgan   or Laura Johnson @



Follow the Royals sports schedules: