New Scoreboards Coming Soon to the GMHS Gym

Coming in about three weeks, the MHS gym will have a brand new state of the art scoreboard thanks to the generous donations of the GAA, the Salem Five Bank and the Scoreboard Bar and Grill.  The current scoreboard has become somewhat unreliable over the last couple of years and thanks to determination and the legwork done by Scott MacDonald and Pete Lucido, a new scoreboard is going to become a reality.  In fact, two new scoreboards are on the way. One will be positioned on the far wall of the gym closest to the current scoreboard and there will be another scoreboard mounted above the door when you enter the gym. This will leave both spectators and players with a full view of the scoreboards no matter where they are in the gym.

Several people have asked why the scoreboards are not already here since the funding was secured earlier in the fall.  As with any project there is paperwork that needs to be done and ,to be honest, we needed a little extra time to get the design the way we wanted it. This caused a delay in the production of the sign and ,while  it is unfortunate that the scoreboards will not be here much before the end of this year’s  basketball season, we are going to have two great scoreboards to enjoy and appreciate for years to come!

A great BIG THANK YOU to Scott, Pete and all of the donors! We are extremely grateful to everyone who made this awesome addition to our gym happen. This is just one more example of why Georgetown is such a special community!