GHS Chorale makes music at UMass-Boston.

On March 24th, the Georgetown High School Chorale went on a field trip to UMass Boston to work with their two choirs and the conductor there. Throughout the day, they got a chance to participate in acting or theatre classes, get to know the college music students through a scavenger hunt activity, work on Portuguese diction for one of our songs with a Brazilian teacher at Umass, work in rehearsal with Mr. David Giessow, professor of music at Umass, and perform in a concert open to the public where we were able to sing together as well as exchange our own music with the choirs in Boston! It was a really great day and the kids in Chorale seemed to have a great time! I wanted to share a couple of photos from the trip with you as well as two videos from their performance- one was a song we performed for the audience (Quicksand Years) and the other was a collaboration with the Umass Boston Chorus (Keep Your Lamps- the GHS kids learned this song in just a week to prepare for this field trip!!) It couldn’t have been a better day!