Congrats to our GEF grant winners and a big THANK YOU to the Gtown Education Foundation!!

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GEF Grant winners

GEF 2017 winners

Kerry Donovan – Sound Equipment for GMHS Auditorium and Drama

Over the past ten years, Georgetown Middle/High School has put on quality musical theater productions, which seemingly get better as each year passes. In the past we upgraded the lighting in the auditorium to become more aligned with the theatrical trends of the day, such as LED lighting and cyclorama lighting. The GEF was very generous to bestow some of this funding upon us. Similarly, we would now like to focus on the sound system.

By purchasing a new mixing console and accessories to support the system, the drama club will be able to improve an element of production which has been lacking over the past ten years. In order to balance the sound between the pit band and the actor’s microphones (sound effects, too!) we need a system that can manage and control sound in a much easier way.

Beyond drama club, anyone who ever uses our auditorium for audio needs will benefit. This includes the music program, assemblies, and any outside group that chooses to rent our auditorium. With upgraded sound capabilities, all performances will flourish.

Liz Marchetti – Sphero SPRK and GMHS Makerspace

Sphero SPRK $2979.91
The Sphero SPRK will allow students to explore programming through hands-on student centered challenges while enforcing principles from math, physics, and computer science. The Sphero SPRK will also incorporate Common Core Math Standards. The Sphero SPRK will be incorporated into the following classes: Computer 7, Computer 8, and Computer Programming 9-12. Each course will incorporate the Sphero with skill appropriate challenges that progressively get more challenging as students learn. Computer 7 will complete the Chariot and Bridge Building Challenges. Computer 8 will complete the Hydro Hypothesis and Maze Mayhem Challenges. Computer Programming 9-12 will complete more advanced challenges that will incorporate the OrbBasic programming language.

GMHS Makerspace $5000.00
The Georgetown Middle High School Makerspace will be an innovative approach to individual student creativity and problem solving across all academic disciplines. Makerspaces are often referred to as STEAM labs. They provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering. Within the GMHS Makerspace students will be able to take part in a wide-range of activities that might include: prototyping, electronics, robotics, cardboard construction, textiles and sewing, and digital fabrication. The Makerspace will allow for students to explore and ignite their own creativity and problem solving. Teachers across any academic discipline will be able to utilize the Makerspace to enrich their curriculum in ways they were not able to do before. They only limitation to the Makerspace is the mindset of the people using it. Students will be challenged to a growth mindset by encouraging them to build on what they know and to be open to new ideas, approaches, concepts, and experiences. When students (and teachers) can let go of their assumptions and preconceived ideas, they make room for new knowledge, perspectives, and experiences to be built. A significant outcome of becoming a maker is discovering that you have valuable ideas, insights, and contributions that benefit others!