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2019-20 Middle School Supply List

Georgetown MS – 7th Grade Supply List-  2019-2020

1 – 2-pack of glue sticks

1 – 5-pack of highlighters

1- pack of post-it notes

2 – packages of white lined filler paper -wide-100 Ct.

2  – boxes of tissues

2 – boxes of Ticonderoga-sharpened, No. 2, 12 pack pencils

1 – pencil pouch- 3 Ring

1 – pencil sharpener-canister

1 – package of blue pens

1 – protractor

2 – 2” binders (different colors)

16 – binder dividers

1 – pack of thin markers

1- scientific calculator (TI-30XIIS)


*Some of these supplies will need to be replenished a few times throughout the year.


Grade 8 School Supplies 2017-2018


  • calculator required TI-30XIIS( math)
  • at least  3 different colored highlighters
  • package of erasers ( to be replenished as needed through school year)
  •     package of pencils
  • package of pens
  •     at least 2 packs of Post its ( ELA & Science)
  • 2  sets/packs of dividers tabs ( ELA and Science)
  • 1 small pack colored pens
  • 1 small pack markers ( ELA)
  • 3 folders (1 ELA, 2 World language)
  •     1 notebook specifically for ELA
  • marble composition notebook ( French only)
  • 300 index cards
  • pack of filler paper for each binder
  • stylus
  • Math, French, Mandarin students may choose binder or notebooks/ their choice


classroom supplies

  • wet wipes- hands
  • cleaning wipes
  • box of tissues


Slideshow from the Middle School Moving On Ceremony

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Middle and High School Summer Reading Lists

Once you have decided what book to need to read, try using the Commonwealth’s eBook Collection to find and access it.  Instructions how are here.


Here are the books you (high school students) have chosen to read, just in case you forgot. 🙂


For the High School Reading List, click here.


Addendum to Summer Reading for Honors and AP Courses, 2019-2020

In addition to BookSmart Day (the link above), students taking the following courses should read the following books over the summer and be prepared to discuss and write about them…

AP English Literature*

  • Oresteia, Aeschylus
  • Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Eugene O’Neill
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston

*Along with the reading of these works, a summer assignment is required, due on the first day of school. There is a mandatory meeting in June to clarify expectations for this assignment.


Honors World Literature

  • The Life of Pi, Yann Martel


Honors English, Grade 11

  • Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain.  Note: Racial slurs are prevalent throughout this satirical novel; however, Twain’s use of them is meant to showcase the hypocrisy of racism. This is one of the seminal works of American literature, and it accurately portrays a specific and pivotal time in history.


Honors English, Grade 10

  • Frankenstein, Mary Shelley (1818 edition is preferable to the 1831 edition)


Honors English, Grade 9

  • CHOICE: A Separate Peace, John Knowles, OR A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith



For the Middle School Reading List, click here.


This week’s Principal’s SHOUT-OUT message to students expressing praise, admiration, support and confidence.

Check out the video from our “Credit for Life Fair”.

The Fair was organized by Mary Lyon and Lisa Ryer. It was an amazing day for our seniors and they learned a lot.  What a wonderful opportunity for students to gain some skills and understanding about the real world they will be graduating into but it would not have been possible without Mary, her small army of volunteers and the financial support of the TD Bank. Check it out. It is so cool to hear the thoughts coming from the kids themselves.

Use the link below to view the video.

GMHS student invited to the National Invention Convention!

Congratulations to Maggie Jackson! She has been invited to participate in the National Invention Convention at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan on 5/29-31, for winning Best in Grade at the Regional Invention Convention. Good luck!