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Boston Globe Foundation/Richard J. Phelps Scholar-Athlete Award (For Seniors)

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COVID Tracking matrix for Georgetown provided by the Mass. Dept. of Health

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Pool testing program ends Friday, April 9, 2021.

The Georgetown School Committee voted on April 8, 2021 to discontinue the pooled testing effective April 9, 2021. The reason for this decision was that only 20% of the school population participated in the program despite many attempts to increase participation. Implementing the polled testing program is labor intensive for our nurses and when we conducted a cost benefit analysis with our medical team, the recommendation was made to suspend the program. However, if cases rise and there is concern about school spread, we will reconsider reinstating the program. Thank you to all who participated!

Video of the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony.

Big Shout Out to Art Students!

I want to express how impressed I am with all of my art students this year. They are proving that our students can still thrive even in stressful and uncertain circumstances. There are a few groups of students that I want to give a special shout out to…
Participants of the Memory Project
The Memory Projects is a program that takes photos of children in challenging situations from around the world and sends them to American art students who create a unique portrait to send back to the children!
( This year, Lily Anderson, Cate Coulehan, Martin Culpepper, Charis Ryan, and Aida DeWeese-Boyd participated, creating these beautiful portraits entirely on their own time. If you see any of these students, be sure to congratulate them! 🙂
Ceramics have been particularly hard this year, but the students are still achieving and creating beautiful sculptures! They are doing a fantastic job of adapting to the hybrid schedule and some are even doing this class fully remote! If you have any ceramic artists in your class, tell them they are doing a great job!
Some of the recent ceramics projects (and some were made by remote students!)
Debbie Gray
GMHS Art Teacher

Virtual Winter Art Show.

GMHS students have been working hard this year in spite of diverse challenges. Therefore, we are very proud to present the Winter Art Show, a collection of students’ best work from the first semester. The art show can be viewed online this year at:

We hope you enjoy it! ~Ms. Dodge & Mrs. Gray