BookSmart & English Summer Reading list for students entering grades 9-12.

To Students Entering Grades 9-12:

This year marks the third annual BookSmart: a book club-style one-day discussion of (mostly) modern literature. Students will choose and read ONE of the books on this list and participate in a book discussion about it in September (students taking honors or AP English will have other books to read in addition). While there is great value in the classics, we have chosen books for BookSmart that are more modern, diverse, and speak to different perspectives on the human condition.

Read the descriptions below carefully before choosing a book. Feel free to ask any English teacher questions about the books–we can help you choose.

  • Sign up via the Google Form by June 11.  (the form is located in the student’s English Schoology Class)
  • Those who do not choose a book will have one assigned to them by June 14.
  • Every student needs to read at least one book.
  • Please choose a book you have not previously read.
  • Please be aware that some of the texts may contain strong language or themes, butnone of it will be more than is appropriate for a high school level reader.
  • The public library and our library media center have been notified of this list as well, andthey plan to order additional copies whenever possible. **Please email any Englishteacher if hardship is preventing you from obtaining the text.
  • There will be a brief assessment worth half a quiz grade in your English classIn September, a member of the GMHS faculty/staff (not just English teachers!) will facilitate discussion and activities on students’ chosen books. We hope that this day will bring students together, build new connections, and get everyone thinking about how stories can play a role in the decisions we make and the lives we lead.Sincerely,
    The English Department


Click here for the Book Smart choices and more info.


In addition to BookSmart Day, students taking the following courses should read the following books over the summer and be prepared to discuss and write about them. It may read 2020-21 in the information linked below but the titles are still applicable.

Addendum to Summer Reading for Honors and AP Courses, 2021-2022