BookSmart, English Summer Reading list for students entering grades 9-12. UPDATED August 26.

To Students Entering Grades 9-12:

UPDATED: August 26. The directly link below includes information about summer reading, including a small assignment that is due on BookSmart day.


This year marks the second annual BookSmart: a book club-style one-day discussion of (mostly) modern literature. This year also marks a strange time for education, but one in which many students, in their own spaces, have started to read more on their own. We hope to encourage the continuation of this new trend.

Students will read the book they selected or were assigned to you (follow this link for the list) and participate in a book discussion about it in September (students taking honors or AP English will have other books to read in addition).

This is the Final BookSmart Selections (please note that if students did not choose by 6/17, a book was assigned to them). Students need to complete books by September 10, 2020.

While there is great value in the classics, we have chosen books for BookSmart that are more modern, diverse, and speak to different perspectives on the human condition.