1:1 iPad Participation Update.


UPDATED April 4th, 2017

Georgetown Middle High School is excited to continue planning for next year’s 1:1 iPad initiative for grades 7, 9 and 10. There are a few updates and reminders to this initiative that we would like to share with families and the Georgetown community.


UPDATE: 32gb iPad Offered as Leasing Option

Based on the feedback we have received, GMHS is now offering the 32gb new model iPad as a leasing option. This presents a more affordable device for families while still giving teachers and students the necessary technology requirements. This option is $100 less expensive than the 128gb model that is still being offered. Families who lease through the school will choose which device to lease at sign-up nights that will take place later this spring. If this new model iPad changes a family’s decision on how to participate, please fill out a new form.


Participation Form Deadline Approaching

Families received a letter asking them to fill out an online form indicating how they would like to participate in the 1:1 initiative. The form is open to any family who has a child in the Middle High School but is required for all students going into grades 7, 9, and 10 next year. This form gives the district vital information on how Georgetown families plan to participate in the 1:1 initiative.


We’d like to thank the families who have already filled out this form and remind those who haven’t yet that the deadline is March 31st, 2017. If the new model iPad changes a family’s decision on how to participate, please fill out a new form. An explanation of the three options can be found on the back of this letter.


The online participation form can be found by visiting: http://tinyurl.com/GMHS1-


Device Management

A common question that we have been asked is around iPad management for families who lease iPads through the school district. All iPads leased through the district include management software to control the content on each device. This allows the district to push all apps onto iPads and keep them up to date. It also limits the amount of personal content on iPads. Students will have access to personal email accounts and music services but will not be able to load their own apps or other content on the device.


Once the iPad has been paid in full (including sales tax), families can choose to remove the management software from the device and put personal content on the iPad.

Helpful Information and Links

  • Please visit the 1:1 Learning Page on our District website: http://www.gssapp.org/GeorgetownPublicSchools/curriculum/11-learning/
  • Principal Lucia and Collin MacDonald recorded a video for those who were not able to attend the parent night. Thanks to Mrs. Dodge and her students who served as the film and editing crew. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MRK_iWeKok&t=27s

NOTE: This video does not reflect the new changes in iPad and pricing.



Peter Lucia, Principal, LuciaP@georgetown.k12.ma.us

Collin MacDonald, Director: Curriculum and Instruction, MacDonaldC@georgetown.k12.ma.us



Participation Options


Option One

Lease a 128GB iPad with Logitech Rugged keyboard/case and 3 years of AppleCare protection through the school’s lease program. If a student leases an iPad through the school, s/he will have access to it as if it were his/her own, and s/he may take it home with him/her each day. The school will manage the content of the device and will provide maintenance and updates. The iPad will come preloaded with apps that students will use in their classes. At the end of the lease term, parents will have the choice of turning the iPad back to the school or buying out the lease by covering the sales tax of the device and case. A breakdown of lease options and costs can be found below.


Scholarships will be available for families who qualify. Please contact Suzanne Sutherland, Business Manager, for more detail. Ms. Sutherland can be reached at sutherlands@georgetown.k12.ma.us. Generally, families who qualify for free/reduced lunch may be eligible for partial or full scholarships. Additional forms will need to be submitted at the time of registering for the 1:1 iPad program.


Option Two

Bring your own iPad to school with you. We know that some students already have their own iPad. If a student or parent feels more comfortable providing their own iPad, they can do this in lieu of leasing from the school so long as the iPad runs the most current version of IOS. Students will be responsible for having the necessary apps to complete their schoolwork. Most apps are at no cost, however, there are apps that will need to be purchased. Please be aware that if students bring their own iPad, classroom teachers and technology personnel may not be able to help them troubleshoot issues that occur, so students should feel very comfortable using their own devices. In addition, the school will not be able to provide paid apps to students who bring their own iPad.


Option Three

Parent or guardian has decided that the student will opt out of the 1:1 iPad program and/or will bring his/her own device other than an iPad. School owned iPads will be loaned to students who choose to opt out so they may participate in classroom assignments, but the iPads must stay in the classroom and cannot be taken home to complete any coursework without prior permission.




Leasing Opportunities for Families who Choose Option One

(All include iPad, Case/Keyboard, 3 Years AppleCare Coverage, and Apps)


Payment in full: One time payment at sign up: $619.00


Payment over one year: Two payments of $309.50 + a $10 processing fee


Payment over three years: 36 payments of $21.46. Includes an annual processing fee of $45 per year. (Only one annual processing fee applicable per family)


Flexible payment plans are also available based on the needs of each family.