Eating Local!

Every month we feature a local food in our cafeterias! Be sure to look for our local offerings!

Eat the Rainbow!

We are proud to serve a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables every day!

Did you know?

Our school cafeterias were recognized alongside Fitchburg, Milton and Wilmington Public Schools by the DOE as Wellness Champions! We were awarded a grant of $4000.00 to support our outstanding nutrition efforts!


Royals Deli now open!

Come to the Deli and try a Hot Panini or Cold Cut Sandwich prepared how you like it!!


We also have our regular daily options to our lunch menu:

  • Chicken Patty Sandwiches
  • Slice of Pizza
  • Cheeseburger/Hamburger
  • Fresh Salads


Lunch & breakfast prices

Paid: $3.00 (Penn Brook) $3.25 (GMHS)
Reduced: $0.40
Adult: $3.75
Milk: $0.50
Includes choice of milk
and Fresh Fruit and
Veggie Bar!

Paid: $1.60
Reduced: $0.30
Adult: $2.00

My School Bucks

Did you know that it’s FREE to monitor your student’s purchases online? To get started, go to to create a parent account. Then search for your students and add them to your account! You can view the past 90 days of their purchases and payments from home or on the go using their free mobile app! Need help setting up your account? Call us at 978-352-5777 x 105 and we will walk you through the process!