We are excited to rollout out 1:1 iPad initiative to grades 7, 9, and 10 for the 2017-2018 school year. Teachers and students will actively use the iPad as a tool for organization, communication, and creation.

This program is intended to function as a partnership between the families and the school. The district will provide the learning experiences, infrastructure, technology and professional development for teachers, and  technical support. Families will support the cost of the devices for students. We are proposing that the entire device package consists of the iPad Pro 32GB, Apple Care protection, case, bluetooth keyboard and educational apps. We feel that a finance model that spreads the cost over three years  is an approach that allows the technology to support the goals of the program over the long-term. We anticipate the annual cost to families to be approximately $315 per device, or about $26 per month. 

It is our hope that all students will participate in the 1:1 program; however, we understand that there are different circumstances for all families. Below are the three participation options available for students:

CLICK HERE to access the online participation form

Option One

Finance a 32GB iPad Pro with Zagg Rugged Book keyboard/case and 3 years of AppleCare protection through the school’s program at a cost of approximately $315 per year for three years. If a student purchases an iPad through the school, s/he will have access to it as if it were his/her own and s/he can take it home with him/her each day, but the school will be responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the device. The iPad will come preloaded with apps that students will use in their classes. At the end of the financing term (3 years), the student will own the machine outright.

Scholarships will be available for families who qualify. More information is forthcoming on scholarship qualifications and application processes.
Option Two

Bring your own iPad or device to school with you. We know that some students already have their own iPad. If a student or parent feels more comfortable providing their own iPad, they can do this in lieu of financing from the school. Please be aware, however, that if students bring their own iPad, classroom teachers and technology personnel may not be able to help them troubleshoot issues that occur, so students should feel very comfortable using their own devices. In addition, the school may not be able to provide paid apps to students who bring their own iPad.
Option Three

Parent or guardian has decided that the student will not participate in the 1:1 iPad program. Students will have access to older model iPads during the school day; however, these iPads must stay in the classroom and cannot be taken home to complete school work.