What a Show! Amazing Hero Art Show Does Not Disappoint

OoWOW! This show was amazing and enthralling    and the 350 children and adults were on the edge of their seats for close to 75 minutes watching artist Rob Surette draw/ paint  famous heroes on large black canvas with his hands.

Rob used technology as he created and  promoted inspirational messages such as never give up, you are awesome, be kind to others and you can make a difference. Using actual footage of personal experiences set to music  ,’historical songs and scenery and background music as he painted Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King to the delight of the crowd.

Fhis wonderful Show  was sponsored by our dedicated PTA Board  of Directors. I want to thank them so much on behalf of everyone who attended the show . Some of us were talking about how to convey to people who were not there what it was like and we all agree it is difficult to describe it because it was something you have to experience. I hope we will be able to bring this show to Georgetown again and if you were not able to make it this time, I strongly urge you to attend in the future. It was a wonderfully uplifting night and I can’t say enough about this artist .  After the event, Rob came out and took pictures with the students which made this experience much more special for them. He also donated two of the paintings to be hung in the schools. The  MHS has selected Mother Teresa and PB has selected Albert Einstein. I can’t wait to see these works if art hanging in our schools!

Thanks to all of the families who came our for this great show and to  the PTA for always  enriching our lives in the schools!!