Week Long Penn Brook Celebration of Growth

Is there anything more special than being around children who are excited and proud to be sharing their learning with the special grown-ups in their lives? I would say that is tough to find anything that compares to the energy, excitement and pride that can be seen  at the  Penn Brook School’s Celebration of Growth that is scheduled throughout this week.   It was my pleasure to visit classrooms  across the grades enjoying  seeing students and teachers sharing the learning that has gone on in their classrooms through the year. Listening to the beautiful voices of our youngest children singing favorite songs , viewing the great variety of artwork that was displayed throughout the rooms and hallways and , most importantly, watching the students get so excited to share the many work samples that they had collected throughout the year was so  heartwarming to witness and be a part of for the time I was privileged to be in each room.

I want to thank Principal Margaret Maher , Preschool Director Amanda Harding and all of the teachers in preschool through grade 6 for embracing this tradition and making it happen every year. While I know it is just a sampling of the learning that has gone on throughout the year,  the classroom Celebrations of Growth provide an important opportunity for children and their families to connect around learning and that is a beautiful thing!