Weather Brief- Roof Leak at Penn Brook

I am just writing to update you on a couple of things that occurred with the weather today in case you hear things from others. This afternoon, the custodians dealt with a water leak coming from the ceiling in the lobby which was caused by organic debris clogging the vents on the roof.  These were cleaned this summer but with so many trees around the school, they must have clogged up again. Once removed the water stopped leaking in, ceiling tiles were replaced and the water was completely cleaned. We heard that there were rumors going around with some students that there was a crack in the ceiling which is not accurate and I don’t want anyone to worry that this indicates a serious problem because that is definitely not the case. There is nothing to worry about and the maintenance crew has added a schedule to regularly check the vents on the roof to make sure they were open.

You may have heard that there was a tornado warning for Essex County for a time today. The Chief of Police is the Emergency Management Director for the town and as soon as we heard it we contacted his office.  He was following it closely and notified us that no action was being taken at that time and the warning passed without incident.  I want to reassure everyone that we were monitoring the situation and did not take it lightly.  If there was cause for concern, parents would have been notified by our automated  notification system.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the flooding and aftermath from Florence.  We saw just a tiny bit of it with today’s  rain but it is hard to imagine the damage that can be caused from a storm of the magnitude of Florence.  Such a tragedy for those involved.