UPDATE: No Bus Route Changes Happening

I am writing to let parents of students on Bus 1, 2 and 3 know that there will be no changes to the bus routes at this time.  Recently the Bus Company sent a letter to some families announcing that a change would occur after the Thanksgiving holiday on Monday November 27th.  The intention behind this decision was to lower the bus counts on Bus 2 which includes the convenience run to Perley.  If you recall, this year we consolidated the two smaller runs done by Bus 2 into one run which put approximately 70 students on that bus regularly.  Sometimes depending on the day, that number rose to 75 students.  The capacity for the bus is 77 students.   Bus 1 on the other hand has ridership in the low to mid 60s so we discussed shifting the drop off at Perley for the convenience run students to Bus 1 which would have increased numbers to the low 70s.  Apparently in that process, the Bus Company thought it would be advantageous to shift some of the students from Bus 1 to Bus 3. The problem is this would necessitate adding  two stops at the start of that route and shift the pick up time for some students as much as 25 minutes in the morning which understandably was a concern for parents at this time of the year now that schedules were schedules are set. We would not want to make a move unless it was going to improve the situation.

I spoke with Cindy McKenzie from the Bus Company yesterday and, after speaking with all of the drivers, it was decided that since the buses are not at their maximum and because schedules are set the best course of action is to leave the bus routes as they are right now. Personally I think if the shift could have been made involving just Bus 1 and Bus 2 where the drop off for the convenience students could be done at the same time but by a different bus, this move would have made sense but when we learned that Bus 3 was involved, it was not worth the impact it would cause to make the shifts.

I am certainly sorry for the angst this caused families that were going to be impacted.  I know that was not the intention of the bus Company when they sent the letters out. They have always been more than willing to work with us as issues have come up and this was the case when this problem came to light a couple of days ago.  As always if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!