Time for Action- Youth Rec Center in the Works

For the past year or so , there has been discussion in town about converting the second floor of the Perley School into a Youth Rec Center and the time is now to take action to make it happen. The kids in town are asking for this and studies have shown that in communities where youth are engaged in positive and healthy activities, the less likely they are to engage in risky behaviors. Our goal with this center is to build positive youth development strategies in our kids to positively affect their choices and keep them healthy, happy and safe through their adolescent years.

At this time, the town is unable to provide funding for a Director or the staff to man this center but I am optimistic that there will be funding in the near future so we want to be ready to go if and when that comes through. I have been heartened by the broad support that has been expressed by all groups in town for this project but ,this year, the town budget was not able to take on any of the costs to get the center up and running. Do not fear though because the PTA recently held an event that resulted in an excited group of parents coming forward who want to get this center open and that are calling for action.  If this is going to happen for our kids, it will take a large group of willing and committed people throughout the town,  including business and corporate sponsors,  who can help out whether that be  by:

– helping to secure donations of materials and supplies for the center

– finding corporate partners who can help fund stipends for staff to oversee the center until a Director can be hired by the town and to plan programs

– setting up the center itself such as arranging furniture, painting walls, organizing the space

– participating on the steering committee and/or a Friends of the Rec Center group who can take a leadership role

– volunteering time to work with youth in the center and help plan and offer programs

– acting as a “worker bee” available to help in any way needed

This is truly an “ it takes a village” project and many hands will make light work for all involved. If the town wants to make this center a reality, it will take the commitment of a lot of volunteers and people in town who believe deeply in the need for this center and eventually some funding to sustain it.

The first step is mobilizing a group so the purpose of this blog post is to solicit your help and invite you to an organizational meeting on Monday April 8,  2019  at 6:30 on the second floor at Perley in the Rec Center Space. This meeting is a Call to Action and the goal is to leave this meeting with concrete action steps to move this project forward. We will also be tapping into the expertise of Essex County Asset Builder leader Tina Los who has valuable experience setting up and operating a youth center and she will also help us bring the youth in town into the planning  process which is critical to the success of the project going forward.

If you are interested in being part of something great for the youth in this town, come and be part of this exciting project in any way you  big or small.

First meeting : Monday April 8

6:30-8:30 PM

2nd floor Perley School

If you have questions, please drop me note at jacobsc@georgetown.k12.ma.us and someone will get right back to you. If you can not make this meeting but want to become involved, let Erin Duggan know ( erin.duggan2008@gmail.com) and we will include you in future meetings. Thank you in advance for joining us on this important journey. Our young people deserve  this center and together we can make it happen!