There’s a New Team in Town- Georgetown Royals Sports Boosters Up and Running!

Over the course of the last six months, there has been a team of parents who have been working diligently to revive and reignite a sports boosters Organization  to support our Royals sports program.  In an earlier blog I spoke about how this group was forming and that they are looking for members.  I am pleased to say that, while they are still looking for members, they have made a lot of progress and they are now well on their way to becoming the positive and powerful force to support the Georgetown Middle High School athletic program that they want to be. So far they have done the following:

  1. Created bylaws to govern and oversee the work of the Booster organization
  2. Developed a mission statement and worked with members of the athletic department to develop a wish list of ways to support the program beyond what the budget and user fees can provide.
  3. Elected a Board of Directors and welcomed a group of members who attend most meetings to help guide the work of the group.
  4. Established subcommittees who work on aspects of the mission including but not limited to fundraising.
  5. Held a meeting to learn more about how the budget for the athletic department works and how funds are allocated across the sports and shared resources such as the athletic director and the athletic trainer.
  6. Designed a logo and a publicity/marketing plan to keep the community involved, recruit new members and share ideas and related information.  They created a motto “Creating an Empire One Athlete at a Time” and their overall mission is not just to raise money but also to promote and be champions for building Royals’ Pride 
  7. Planned their first fundraiser ( hint: It has to do with pink birds with long legs)

Have you ever been “flocked”? Well I have not either but, thanks to the Georgetown Royals Sports Boosters, some members of this community are about to know what it is like to have a flock of plastic pink flamingos arrive on your lawn unexpectedly. No it is not vandals visiting you but rather a fun and harmless fundraiser that will be coming to Georgetown very soon. Someone will have identified you as a person/family that should be “flocked” all in good fun and you can return the favor if you so desire. This is apparently a popular and successful fundraiser in many of the local communities around us  and, in the 12 years I have been in town, it has never been done before. Don’t worry these pink birds can be removed as quickly as they were delivered but hopefully this will build a sense of fun throughout the community and provide a few  friendly ” I got you” moments while supporting the Georgetown athletic program.

Check out their website and I have included some other contact information below. I urge you to get involved with this group in any way you can whether by attending meetings and or volunteering to help at one event. There is room for everyone and I know that if this organization is going to accomplish their goals for our kids they will need many people involved. They are an amazing group to work with and please consider joining in the fun!

Happy “flocking” and here is more information about them.

stay connected through their Website Twitter – @GeorgetownRSB Facebook-  GeorgetownRSB Instagram – GtownRSB.

Go Royals!