Students Participate in Young Inventors Program at SNHU

I am pleased to announce that three members of Georgetown’s ninth grade class entered the regional Young Inventor’s Program competition on Sunday March 31st at Southern New Hampshire University. I was so impressed with the work of Jenna Tabenkin, Maggie Jackson and Lauren Bartlett who entered the competition with the help of Business and Technology teacher Mary Lyon who was also there to support her students. Each of these young ladies earned the right to attend this regional competition when they were rated as the top three performers at the Creativity Showcase that is the culminating activity for a course that is required for all Georgetown students in their freshman year.  There was a new feature added this year whereby students could ask to have their project judged by a panel of expert judges from the community. It was not required but out of the 30 students who put their name into the competition for judging, these three young inventors were selected to enter their project into the  competition at SNHU.  They had the chance to enter a specific category and there were a large panel of judges for each category on Sunday, again drawn from experts in their respective fields.  The winners of this competition will have the chance to go onto the national competition in Detroit Michigan this summer.

I was so proud of all of their projects and the way they prepared their pitch and prototype for their invention. As you can imagine, the higher up students go in the competition, the more competitive it is. In Sunday’s  round,  I am pleased to say that Jenna and Maggie received medals in their respective categories and we are waiting to hear if they will be invited to go to Detroit for the next round of competition. Whether they do or not, they are all winners already and I have so much optimism about the future when I see young people like Jenna, Maggie and Lauren challenging themselves to excel in the STEM fields and working so hard to make the world a better place! It was my pleasure to spend the day with them and their families! Well done ladies!