STEAM Night at Penn Brook- An Awesome Experience!

Wow! What a great event STEAM  Night  was for the Penn Brook School families that attended . This is the second year of this event and , judging from the large crowd and the smiling faces, the evening was a HUGE success !  The school has been working on STEAM programming through their curriculum, especially Project Lead the Way and STEM Scopes science and through time spent in the school’s Maker Space.  Last night’s event was planned and executed by Penn Brook math  interventionist John Crossman and other  interested Penn Brook staff members and they offered 14 different experiences for families to try.  The handout that families received pointed out that the variety of activities were based on ” the STEAM approach to learning that uses science, math engineering , art and technology  as access points for  guiding inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.  The end result is that students take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning , persist in problem solving , embrace collaboration and work through the creative process.” Each of the activities required participants to design, create, solve problems, collaborate, build and/or experiment depending on the task in each room. There were activities for younger students, older students and many that all students could enjoy  and the nice thing was that many of the tasks were open-ended enough that the difficulty could be adjusted up or down depending on the problem they were trying to solve. Students were given a medallion and as they finished each activity, they added a sticker to their medallion and turned it in for a pie in honor of Pi Day. The activities included Family Folk Dancing, PreK and K STEAM, Fractions Quilt,Neuroscience for Kids, CH-ch-ch-ch-Changes, Are You a Future Engineer?, The Pringle Ringle, The Super Cube Shuffle, The Great Wall, Ozbot Mania,Rubik’s Cube, Earthquake Safe House, Straw Tower and I-Robot.

It was wonderful to see parents and their children working together and coming up with creative solutions to the challenges. I commend everyone who worked hard to design, create and execute this event. It was a wonderful way to showcase the work that the school is doing with STEAM programming but ,more importantly , an opportunity to excite our students about this type of hands-on learning. After all… these are the future innovators, educators, leaders and learners of the 21st century. Well done Penn Brook staff!