Statement from Carol Jacobs, Superintendent. Georgetown Public Schools

Statement from Carol Jacobs, Superintendent, Georgetown Public Schools

In light of these serious claims raised by the Roxbury Prep football coaching staff after last Friday night’s football game we have engaged a lawyer experienced in these matters to conduct an investigation, which is ongoing.  I have informed Roxbury Prep that we are taking these allegations very seriously and that an investigation is underway to determine the facts.  We will not comment on the investigation until it is concluded.

The most fundamental mission and duty of our schools is to ensure a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff, families, and visitors. Tonight we welcome a football team from Lynn. We expect an organized and spirited football game this evening.  In order to support those goals we are limiting attendance to parents, keeping benches clear of spectators, and increasing police presence. We are expecting a high level of cooperation from everyone in attendance.