Statement at the Middle High School

The message that was sent by e-mail today to parents and staff at the Middle High School is at the bottom of this post.

Given the climate today regarding school safety, this message is just to keep you aware and reassure you that there is no cause for concern at the Middle High School related to the incident that happened today. The school administration conducted a thorough investigation that followed school protocol and determined that an unfortunate and inappropriate comment was made by a student who was not trying to cause the level of concern that transpired but the lesson learned here is that any and all comments that can even be perceived as a threat or cause for concern of any kind will be investigated fully by the school and will be referred to the police.  As many times as we remind students that words matter and explanations such as ” I didn’t mean it” or “I didn’t realize “or ” I was just kidding”  are not good excuses, we still see that incidents like this one and the one at Penn Brook occur.  While no actual threat was made in either case at PB or at the MHS, we all need to work together to reinforce the message to our children that they need to think about how their actions and comments may affect themselves and  others in their school and the potential consequences of their choice.  We are all part of the same community and want our schools to be the safest they can be for everyone physically, socially and emotionally and together we are raising the next generation.  It is sad that our children are growing up in a world of violence, incivility and uncertainty, but in Georgetown we can do our best to create the safe community we all want in our schools and our town.  We can all appreciate that these are kids and they make mistakes. That is kind of their job. However, there is right and there is wrong and making inappropriate comments that threaten the feeling the safety of others in any way  is not funny, excusable or welcome in our schools. As partners , I look forward to continuing  to work together with all of you to send a clear message to our children that their words matter and we expect them to make good choices.


Here is the statement.

At approximately 12 o’clock today, May 18, 2018, a teacher reported that a middle school student made a concerning comment. The nature of the comment was in response to the unfortunate and tragic school shooting in Texas.  The teacher reported the incident to the administration who conducted an investigation, including speaking to witnesses, and determined the comment was inappropriate but was not a threat. Appropriate disciplinary action was taken and the child was released to the parents.  The incident was reported to the Georgetown Police Department who are conducted their own investigation.