Spring Art Show Features Incredible Talent

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the spring art show at GMHS. I was so impressed with the variety and creativity of the student’s work! I have include a few pictures in this post. The seniors each displayed their own work, showcasing the pieces they selected to show the range of their talents and they were all impressive! There were also four video productions that blew me away with their creativity.  The time and the work that went into producing and publishing them was evident in high quality of their productions.

I would match the art program at our schools with any other district . Our teachers are passionate and focused on helping all of their students tap into the artist within themselves and find their passion. Students who  have gone on to study at prestigious art colleges or universities have told  me that they felt  well prepared and it is a credit to our district that we always strive to provide our students with a full complement of courses and to give them the opportunity to freely explore their artistic interests.

Even during tough budget times, the arts programs have never been reduced. I personally consider them as important as the standard academic courses for many reasons but not the least of which is that they use a different part of the brain and everyone can make a personal connection. There is no right answer or one right way to apply the skills used to master different artistic principles.

One of the special parts of the evening was when several awards were given out in recognition of participation  in the National Art Honor Society and for earning Best In Show Honors at the art show. If you are attending graduation, check out the colorful chords that were awarded to students in the Art Honor Society.  I know the students will wear them proudly!

Congratulations to all the artists that displayed their work tonight and a huge thank you to our wonderful GMHS teachers Martha Dodge and Debbie Gray who displayed students work at two show this year and for their tireless mentorship and commitment  to our  talented students!

Carol Jacobs