See Something Say Something Week

This week, the schools will be participating in a national week of awareness and skill building known as See Something Say Something Week.  This program is being sponsored by the Sandy Hook Promise and the goal is to empower our students in grades 6-12 with the tools to help save lives. The link below gives a lot of helpful information about this initiative, its goals and the reason why it is important.

The statistics on the prevalence of school shootings in this country are frightening citing that there has been one shooting a day for the last several years and the fact that most of them may have been preventable if warning signs had been noticed and  reported. Statistics show that in most cases, there were signs and the activities this week are  designed to raise our student’s awareness and increase their confidence to say something if they see something suspicious or concerning.  Every lead will be followed up and taken seriously. We are actually considering signing on to a free anonymous reporting app that is monitored and vetted by experts outside of the school to make reporting easier and automatic.

The schools have planned a number of activities and events throughout this week and specific information from each school should be coming home to parents.  Some highlights include the Penn Brook students working on this theme of saying something as part of their focus on the CARES attribute of assertion. It is a perfect opportunity to connect the two concepts and increase the likelihood that students will use and remember the things they are taught.   The Middle High School will be hearing a speaker from the Sandy Hook Promise on Thursday morning , October 19  during two sessions, one for the High School and one for the Middle School.  In addition student groups  have planned  several activities and the Middle School advisory period is being devoted to this theme.

Unfortunately the lessons learned from these horrific school shootings make it necessary for our students to be more aware. I hate it that they have to  even think about school violence but experience has shown that there is important information that we can and must use  to empower  and build our student’s confidence that the can DO something if they SAY something.

Check out these link and help us reinforce these skills at home.  This is worth the time to watch.