Security Changes Starting On Tuesday Sept. 5

Good afternoon! Last night, we held a meeting for the public on the security upgrades we have made to the schools.  For those who missed it, I have provided a copy of the slides that were shared. It is also available on our Facebook page for those who wish to view it.

I would like to highlight a few things that you should know about so there are no surprises if you are visiting the school during the day.

  1. To enter the school during the day, you will have to push the buzzer,  identify yourself to the secretary and state your reason for being at the school.
  2. Please remember to bring a picture ID with you because in order to get a visitor’s badge, your license needs to be run through our Visitor Management System.
  3. All buildings have one entrance.  Any visitors to the Central Office must go through the preschool kiosk door to sign in. The secretary will sign you in and buzz you through the door to get to the Central offices.
  4. If you are just dropping something off in the offices you need to be buzzed into the school but will only receive a visitor’s pass if you wish to go beyond the office area.

Here are the slides from the presentation about the security upgrades  for all of the schools. Thank you for your help. Have a great start to the new school  year!

safety presentation