School Spirit At Its Finest- GMHS Pep Rally Does Not Disappoint

I still remember back in the day that before the big Turkey Day game we had a pep rally to energize the student body and show our support for the football team and coaches. I am so happy to see that this tradition still happens in schools today and the GMHS pep rally that was held this morning was awesome!

The Student Council organized the entire event and did an excellent job. Their advisor Ryan Corbett was the master of ceremonies and he kept things moving and enforced the rules ( there were a couple of unpopular disqualifications I might add).  For the first time this year, the faculty and staff fielded a team to the delight of the students. While they did not fare well in the final standings ( last place), they all get an “A+” for effort for putting themselves out there and believing that they could compete with the younger  people in the room. While a slightly humbling experience , they were great sports every one of them and i was very proud of them!

The cheerleaders kicked everything off with an amazing acrobatic routine that electrified the crowd. This is not the cheerleading from my day and I am sure that they are going to fare very well when the compete against other squads. Their routine was excellent!

The rest of the rally involved contest for bragging rights and every class was involved in the competition. In the end when all was said and done, the seniors prevailed and they left for the holiday break feeling pumped up. Earning top honors at Pep Rally when you are a senior is BIG so I was happy for them. The Juniors gave them a run for their money though and it was touch and go for a while.

This rally capped off a full  week of spirit activities and I must say that a good time was had by all! Just like me who still remembers those days in high school when the pep rally was an important way to show school spirit  , these days make memories that last a lifetime.

Good luck to our Royals in the Thanksgiving football game against Manchester and win or lose, we will be proud of you!