REMINDER to Complete District Satisfaction Survey

One of the important ways that we can grow and improve as a district is through the feedback we receive from “our  customers”.  As parents and consumers of the services we provide, we value your feedback any time but every other year we conduct a formal process where we post a survey and we use the  results to plan our improvement goals.

As of today May 9th we have only received 90 responses which is less than we hoped and so we are extending the deadline until Friday, May 26. The last time we administered the survey, we received over 300 responses so we ask that if you have not completed the survey please do so and spread the word to your friends to  complete the survey. We have placed it prominently on our website and all you have to do is click on the link and take the survey. I have also included it here for your convenience if that is easier for you. You will need to spend about 10 minutes to complete the entire survey  but you don’t have to take it all at once. You can go back to it is your schedule is tight. We acknowledge that the survey is a little long but we are trying to stick with the same questions we asked 2 years ago so we can compare results year over year.

We are committed to continuous improvement and so your feedback is critical to us !  We look forward to sharing the results with the community and to using the information as we plan new improvement goals for the fall.

Thank you very much!


Click here for the District Satisfaction Survey