Real Life Community Heroes

On Friday, the Georgetown Fire Department donned their gear and visited the Perley preschool to work with our  preschoolers. One of the things these students learn about is who  their community helpers are and thanks to Chief Mitchell, firefighter and preschool paraprofessional  Donna Robbins  and members of the GFD, they got to meet their heroes face to face. This activity is just one of the many ways  the GFD works with our students across the district to ensure that they learn essential information that keeps them safe.

Every town has firefighters but I would say that our Fire  Department  goes  way above and beyond the call of duty  to be partners with our schools.  They don’t just do the basic requirements. They work directly with our students several times throughout the year and  the Fire  Chief  serves on our district safety committee as well. These firefighters  are true community helpers not just for the work they do fighting fires every day  but for all of the other ways they make their community  a safer place to work, live and grow up.  Our schools  and our students are very lucky and we are so grateful  for our partnership. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts’

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