Perley Preschool Olympics

This year was the 30th anniversary of a wonderful event that is a labor of love for occupational therapist Gerri Spector-Brady. The Perley Integrated Preschool recently held its preschool Olympics event on the Perley field to the delight of the students, staff and families.  This  event was a big deal for our youngest students as they marched into the “stadium” to the Olympic music blaring from speakers and then enjoyed “competing” in events that were run by students from our high school . I honestly don’t know who enjoyed this event more the preschool or the high school students that really enjoyed helping the preschoolers . In fact, several of the high school students were sharing their memories of this event with me about when they were in preschool and the things they remember. The weather could not have been any better and there were at least 150 parents, relatives and friends on hand to cheer on these little athletes. This is a culminating event every year to showcase the skills the students have learned during their motor group classes with Ms.Spector Brady. I want to thank the teachers and staff  and especially Gerri for their commitment to this event every year and to all of the high school students who volunteered their time to make this happen. I know the preschool children look up to them and they could not run this event without their help. This was such a great event where the whole preschool comes together as a community and it was wonderful to see the excitement and pride in the preschool children. They were all champions !  I also want to congratulate all of the students today as it is their last day of school for this year. Many of the students are moving on to kindergarten at Penn Brook in the fall