Perley Parking Beginning 9/10

The Perley School is a busy place! We are excited to welcome the Perley integrated Preschool families next Monday 9/10.  Last spring there were some challenges with the parking situation during drop off and we would like to clearly state what we expect to happen at drop off.

When we opened the senior center, we made the agreement that the space in the front of the school in the circle would be reserved for senior citizen parking.

The side parking lot is available for central office staff and visitors and preschool families. The preschool staff parks behind the school. The only issue we generally face is during the 15 minutes when everyone is arriving to drop their children off.  It usually happens that there are not enough parking spaces if parents go into the school and stay for a bit and Parents have been parking in the senior center area. The Director is reporting that seniors, sometimes who have limited mobility are having to walk longer distances because preschool families are parking in the circle. The center is open at 8:00 and most programs start at 9:30 but people arrive early to be ready for the programs to start and there is no parking. That requires them to park on the street or by the library and walk over which would not be necessary if their spaces were available in front of the center as we agreed to provide.

We understand why this happens because it is hard to resist parking in that area when there are spaces available  but the lot is reserved for seniors whenever they come to the senior center. It is a very busy 15 minutes and , even though there are over 55 parking spaces in the side lot, during that period drop off is a problem. In order to help, we ask parents to drop your child off as quickly as possible so spaces turn over to accommodate the crowd.

I know that the teachers will be discussing parking with you further but I wanted to alert you before school begins so we can all work together to reserve the front parking lot for senior citizens ONLY.

I want to thank you in advance for your cooperation and I am looking forward to welcoming the children next week!