Parents Beware of Netflix Show

In the next couple of days I will be sending out information about a television series that has recently been shown on Netflix. The show is called 13 Reasons Why and it takes on the serious  and alarming topic of teen suicide.  This series is based  on a book that was written a few years ago about a young girl who takes her own life. Over the course of the series, she discloses the 13 situations and people who contribute to her decision to end her life before she had a chance to get help and choose to live. While this topic is relevant because of the age of this young  character, many people believe that the film is graphic and is not balanced. Counselors and mental health professionals have encouraged  us to take a minute to (1)bring this series to your attention in case you are not aware of it (2) encourage parents to either watch or discuss this series with your children and (3) provide some guidance of how to talk about this difficult and sensitive topic with your children. When you receive the materials we will be sending out through our announcements and posting on our website, please take the time to review them and use them as you see fit. We are also providing teachers and staff with guidance on this as well.

Many thanks to our counselors who brought this to our attention and will be working with students and staff to be sure that the fallout from this series is minimal and our students feel safe. Hopefully together we can help them  see that everyone has challenges to overcome but there is always hope and a way to get help.

Our children are very precious and impressionable.  We have a shared responsibility to build them up, love them unconditionally even when they are not perfect and help them realize their dreams in life.

I hope you find the information helpful but if you have any questions please reach out to the school staff and they  will