New Face In the Schools- Assistant Athletic Director Ryan Browner and Athletic Updates

Last Thursday night, the Georgetown School Committee officially welcomed new Assistant Athletic Director Ryan Browner to the district. Ryan has been on the job since early September and we are very glad to have him as part of our athletic team.

Last year was a difficult year because the FY 17 budget forced us to create a shared position using one of our two Assistant Principals at GMHS as the Athletic Director. It was purely a budgetary decision and it is did not work out as well as we had hoped. It turns out that the two jobs are not well suited to share and there was not sufficient visibility, communication and oversight of the athletic program.  Over the course of the summer, we heard about another district that combined a maintenance/ grounds position with the Assistant Athletic Director position.  Since we needed additional grounds staff now that the Penn Brook fields are back in use and we needed more support for the athletic program, we decided to think about whether this combined position could meet our needs. Thanks to the support of the School Committee, we conducted a a search and selected Ryan.

Ryan is a Georgetown Middle High School alum and was an all- star athlete during his high school years.  He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Southern Maine where he studied sport management with his eventual goal to work in athletic administration.  When he saw this job, it was the perfect fit for his goals and he was particularly excited to come back home and work for his town’s school district.  Ryan has always loved sports and playing many sports himself, he is an excellent role model for the players in Georgetown.

Ryan has hit the ground running. He is at most events and has been learning a great deal from our Athletic Director Guy Prescott who again this year splits his duties between Assistant Principal and Athletic Director. Guy’s knowledge of the position and Ryan’s interest in learning have energized the athletic program.  The issues that we heard about last year are all being addressed with this new position. There is greater visibility of administration at the games and practices, more support and supervision of the coaches, the field are prepared for every contest and there is better communication over all.  Now if we could just figure out a way to build greater financial stability so we can fund the program and rely less on user fees.

There are a couple of initiatives that we are undertaking and several on which we could use parental participation and support.

  1. We are trying to reinvigorate a Friends of Georgetown ALLSports Boosters Club –  Currently each sport does some of its own fundraising to support needs of their sport but some do not have that support and/or there is no vehicle to raise money for the overall athletic program and for capital expenses.  We are looking for one or two parents from each sport/team who might want to work with us to develop a viable plan to get a group like this going. If interested, please contact Guy Prescott  or Ryan Browner .
  2. Advertising banners on the fences at the turf fields– We are sending letters out to businesses in Georgetown but if you have a business and/or know anyone with a business that would like to hang a banner on the fence for an annual cost, please contact Ryan or Mike Anderson for more information.
  3. Summer Sports Camps for All Sports- We are looking to find out what sports families might like to see us run this summer so look for a survey that will be sent home soon and please take a few minutes to complete it. We know that parents are already starting to think about sports camps now and we believe that we could sponsor some high quality camps right here in our town using out facilities. Ryan Browner is in charge of this effort.  Watch out for the survey
  4. On Main Event to Raise Funds for the Overall Athletic Program-   One of the things I am hoping we can do is to have one large event to raise money for the athletic program. Ideas are welcome but it would need to be something where all sports could help in the effort and parents would be willing to organize and run it with our athletic administration.  One idea that has been thrown out is a road race but I am sure there are other ideas if we gather community support. Again, the goal  would be to raise money for the overall athletic budget , have money for capital improvements and non-recurring expenses that the current budget either can’t support and reduce the pressure to increase user fees which we do not want to do.

We have developed an athletic action plan that was reviewed with the School Committee and our goals are to (1) ensure that we have highly qualified coaches (2) increase the visibility of the athletic administration at games and practices (3) effectively support and supervise the coaches (4) increase the financial stability of the program and (5) improve communication with all groups.   We are excited about the work that we are doing this year in the athletic department and are so happy to have Ryan on our team!