Need Your Help Squelching Rumors

It is often human nature to discuss issues that are of interest and/or concern to a group of people when they are gathered together.  While I understand how this exchange of information and ideas can be very helpful, I can also see how it can be very harmful.  For the past couple of days, rumors have been swirling around about cocaine being found on students and in the lockers of students at the Middle High School.  I am not sure where the rumor started but I want to assure you that these rumors are not true based on my discussions with the Principal. This was also substantiated to me by our School Resource Officer.

While we are all concerned when we hear rumors about drugs in our schools , it is important to know that the information is true before  passing  it along as if it is fact. When this happens, it casts the school and the students in a bad light  and that is discouraging to all of us who know the truth and care about the reputation of our schools and our students.

While there may be some things that we can not discuss publicly to protect the privacy of students, we would prefer to know it if things are being said in the public that can potentially be harmful and/or concerning so I ask that if you have question please send an e-mail to me at,  Peter Lucia at or Margaret Maher at and we will do our best to give you the facts.

I hope you can appreciate this e-mail in the spirit it is written.  We are all on the same team and want the best schools for our students.  I want to thank you for your continued support and assistance and encourage you to bring your questions and concerns forward to the people who need to know and can confirm the truth.  Have a wonderful weekend!