Moving On to Middle School

What  a big day for the 6th grade students at Penn Brook who celebrated their “moving on” ceremony with their friends and families.  They have all grown so much in their time at PB and they are excited for the new experiences that are ahead for them at the middle school. I must say that I think this transition has been easier since we moved the 6th grade to the new Penn Brook five years ago. Developmentally, the students are that much more ready to make this move and many of the old fears have subsided because they are older and a little more comfortable. This is a big step moving from elementary school to the Middle High School but I am happy to say this group is ready to take on this next adventure with success!

The ceremony itself was lovely! The students were treated to speeches from their classmates who all did a fantastic job , 6th grade teacher Joseph Pittella and Principal Margaret Maher which were inspirational.  All shared memories of the class and encouraged all of the students to be proud of their accomplishments at PB and reminded them  to always do their best and be kind. Each if the teachers  shared a special comment written by a member of the staff  as they were awarded their certificate of completion by Principal Maher. I love this tradition as it personalized  the ceremony and left  every child feeling  special!

Congratulations 6th graders! Have a wonderful summer and I will see you in the fall at the middle school! Thanks to the Class of 2025 Committee who organized the event and thought of every detail. They thanked the administration and the 6th grade teachers and presented them with gift. I was very grateful for the plant they gave to me as a token of their thanks. I was very touched by this gesture and plan to plant the beautiful flower in my garden. The banner that includes comments written by the students will be set aside with the time capsules  and brought out again at the senior dinner when they are seniors in high school. This is also another wonderful tradition. This year the seniors enjoyed reading the comments that they wrote when they were in 5th grade. So much fun! E