Mock Crash- A Sobering Scene at Prom Time

Wow! thanks to the Georgetown Police and Fire Departments for staging a mock crash in the lower parking lot at the Middle High School recently. Juniors and seniors were released from class to see what would actually occur if this happened in real life . The scene was set with two crashed cars provided by Harold Trombly and Trombly Brothers Towing Company  in the parking lot with members of our senior class reacting to the crash along. Two students appeared to be badly hurt  (one fatally).  Students and staff watched somberly as the Police and Fire Departments arrived on the scene to triage the victims and deal with the students who witnessed and survived the crash. The medical examiner arrived at the scene and pronounced the student dead and the body was taken away in a hearse which would not happen in real life but definitely made the point.  The students watched in silence and clearly many of them were moved even though it was not real.  As the trucks ( fire engine, multiple police cars, ambulances) pulled away, the students filed into the auditorium where the Police Chief, Fire Chief, Principal Lucia Assistant Principal Guy Prescott and the SROs, conducted a question and answer session with the students. Statistics about texting and driving were shared and it was reported that crashes due to texting  have doubled in the last couple of years.

This mock crash was staged as students prepare to celebrate the end of the year activities which are all fun and exciting for them. We sincerely want them to make special memories , especially our seniors, but we want them to be safe.  I am usually not a fan of ” scared straight” activities but in this case the intention was to provide students with real information about what does happen in a situation like this and to help them stop and think about their choices with this image in mind. Many of the students continued talking about it throughout the day and indicated that it really made them think. That was the goal!

I want to especially thank the Police and Fire Departments from Georgetown and Newbury and their staff beginning with the Chiefs who were very involved in the planning and execution of this entire event including being on site at this event. A big thank you to Trombly Towing for providing the cars and Conte Funeral Home for bringing the hearse. A huge thank you to teacher Kerry Lee and our student actors and actresses Carmine Palmisano, Christine Palmisano, Maryrose Hahan,Kristina Legborg, Katie Lowell and Ethan Block who provided such a realistic portrayal of an actual crash. They were all amazing and seeing Maryrose Hahn transported away in a hearse was very unsettling for all of us. Great job to all involved! We could not have done any of this with out the help and participation from all of these companies, departments and students!

Here is to a safe and memorable Prom and enjoyable end of the year for everyone! As Mr. Lucia always says, It is about making  choices and you have the power to make the right choice.” I agree with him and have faith that ,with all of our support, our students will be safe and make the right choice to keep them safe while having fun.